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Published three times a year, the Journal consists of articles, essays, book reviews, and commentaries by scholars, practitioners, national political leaders, and students focusing on issues at the cross-roads of law and politics: the role of the judiciary in making law, the relationship of the three branches of government, federalism, the politics of the judicial appointment process, voting rights, campaign finance, redistricting, voter initiatives, ethics investigations, the politics of education, and religious freedom in a pluralist society.

Volume 34.2

Volume 34.1

In What Sense a Coup? A Review of "The Framers' Coup: The Making of the United States Constitution" by Michael J. Klarman

by George Rutherglen

Volume 33.1

Volume 32.3

Administrative Law in Nino’s Wake: The Scalia Effect on Method and Doctrine

by Ronald A. Cass

Volume 32.2

Federalism Implications of Non-Recognition of Licensure Reciprocity under the Gun-Free School Zones Act

by Royce de R. Barondes

Volume 32.1

Principled Accommodation: The Bush Administration’s Approach to Congressional Oversight and Executive Privilege

by Fred F. Fielding & Heath P. Tarbert

Religious Liberty or Religious License? Legal Schizophrenia and the Case Against Exemptions

by Tara Smith

Volume 31.1

Prayer Is Prologue: The Impact of Town of Greece on the Constitutionality of Deliberative Public Body Prayer at the Start of School Board Meetings

by Marie Elizabeth Wicks