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Published two to three times a year, the Journal consists of articles, essays, book reviews, and commentaries by scholars, practitioners, national political leaders, and students focusing on issues at the cross-roads of law and politics: the role of the judiciary in making law, the relationship of the three branches of government, federalism, the politics of the judicial appointment process, voting rights, campaign finance, redistricting, voter initiatives, ethics investigations, the politics of education, and religious freedom in a pluralist society.

Volume 39.1

Closing Loopholes for Coordination: Proposed Reforms for Federal Campaign Finance Laws

by Jennifer Sutterer

An Examination of the Indiana Removal Statute: What Does It Take to Remove Public Officials in Indiana?

by Jacob Todd

Volume 38.2

Drug Decriminalization and Gun Criminalization: Assessing the Compatibility of These Asymmetrical Beliefs from a Racial Justice Lens

by Dany Berbari

Volume 38.1

Justiciability as a Canon of Avoidance and a Normative Good in War Powers Litigation

by Gregory V. Momjian

"In Toto" and "For Ever": Why States Cannot Rescind Ratification of Constitutional Amendments

by Michelle Kallen and Morgan Maloney

Echoes of the Feminine Mystique: Female Judges and Intergenerational Change in the United States Courts of Appeals

by Isaac Unah, Ryan Williams, and Stephanie S. Zaino

Volume 37.2

Who Belongs: The Constitution of Virginia and the Political Community

by A.E. Dick Howard

The Failure of Home Rule Reform in Virginia: Race, Localism, and the Constitution of 1971

by Richard Schragger and C. Alex Retzlof